Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry the board on an airplane?

Our swappable batteries have a power of 133 Wh, which means they can be carried in carry-on bags only, and with the approval of the airline you travel with. We recommend contacting the airline before your flight to check with them.

Can I push the board in case I run out of battery?

Yes, you can! We designed our in-wheel motors in a way that allows you to ride XTND Board almost the same way as a regular longboard.

Can I ride the board in the wet?

XTND Board is designed to ride in mild weather conditions. We DON'T recommend riding in heavy rain and you should avoid deep puddles. It could cause irreversible damage of your board that is not covered by the warranty. You should avoid any type of water in order to extend the lifespan of your board.

What is the maximum weight a rider should not exceed?

The maximum weight the board can carry is 240 lbs (110 kg). Exceeding the weight limit could cause damage to the board. Be aware that the heavier the rider, the lower the acceleration and performance of the board will be.

Do I have to pay VAT if I order the board outside of the US?

No, you will not pay VAT if you order the board from a country outside of the US. If you place an order in the US, your order may be taxable in some states. Once you start the order process, the tax amount appears when you select the country or state of delivery.

Do I have to pay some custom duties and fees?

The obligation to pay custom duties may arise when you order outside of the US. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay custom duties and fees. We're not responsible for any domestic duties or fees, but we are doing our best to avoid any additional fees for you and all orders from Europe will be sent from a European warehouse.

When will I receive my order?

You can now pre-order XTND Board. We expect that all pre-orders will be shipped in Q1/2021.

Can I get the board for free if I promote it?

We're preparing a referral program, which will include selected ambassadors who will receive a free board in exchange for promotion. If you're interested in a partnership, feel free to contact us at and we'll contact you back.

To which countries are you shipping?

Providing international shipping is a very complex task and during our pre-order sales, you can order XTND Board from all countries in Europe and selected countries in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), South America (Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Uruguay), Asia (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia), Africa (South Africa), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand).

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