Follow Your OWN PATH

Innovative design

From scratch to the finish line

What makes our board unique? Everything. We designed every part from the ground up to the last detail.

Seamless and elegant shapes
Make it easy to carry and hard to put away
User-friendly ergonomics
Makes it pleasant to use
Protective glowing bumpers
Protect from hits and scratches
Incorporated baseplates
Enhance stability
Effortless maintenance
Saves time and frustration

User experience

Experience on another level

Inch by inch, we have redefined what it means to interact with hardware. The seamless design will make XTND Board feel like an extension of your body, always in sync.

Remote wireless charging
Carefree and cable-free
Magnetic charger connector
Hassle-free battery charging
Electromagnetic locks
Effortless battery swap
Hidden buttons
Smart look as well as feel
Haptic and visual interface
Instant feedback with lights and vibrations

Advanced technology

Your safety, our priority

XTND Board comes with powerful safety measures so that you can always enjoy your steady footing.

User detection system
Knows when to go or to stay put
Smart braking system
Knows when to stop
Fall-prevention system
Helps you stay on top, literally
Smart light system
Lights up at nighttime and while braking
Advanced sensorics system
Got your safety and comfort covered
Smart energy system
Saves and recuperates energy

Intelligent software

Self-improvement at its finest

XTND Board has both the body and the brains. It will adapt to your style and level of riding experience to give you the best comfort and safety.

User level recognition
Recognizes and adapts to your riding level
Data collection and pattern analysis
Creates unique settings to adapt to your style
Performance optimization
Uses your riding data to improve performance

High-tech materials

Precision on molecular level

We use the most advanced materials with the highest safety standards to make sure XTND Board is safe and durable while comfortable to handle.

Nylon 6 and carbon fibre deck
Flexibility and strength
Magnesium trucks
Durability and light weight
High carbon steel axles
Extreme strength and stiffness
Fire-retardant battery housing
Highest standards for your safety
Special non-abrasive anti-slip grip
Friendly to touch, easy to wash
Hydrophobic coating
Resistance to water, dirt and even bacteria

Mobile & watch app

Explore new possibilities

Access the ecosystem to take full control and see where the magic happens. Follow your data and share your experience with friends.


powerful as well as elegant

Top speed
Up to 28 mph
Up to 10 miles
13.2 lbs
Hill climb
25% grade
60 minutes
1,500 W Dual-motor
Swappable battery
133 Wh
11.3 in x 38.0 in x 5.7 in
90 mm | 85A





Delivery in Fall 2020

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Personal ownership
Standard 12-month warranty
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Annual Plan


Delivery in Fall 2020

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Annual payment
New board every year
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Back-up at the ready

$ 199.00 
$ 99.00 
$ 69.00 
Front Wheels
$ 49.00 
Rear Wheels
$ 49.00 
Service Kit
$ 29.00